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About Apeximmune
About Apeximmune
Our Research
Apeximmune Therapeutics is pioneering a new generation of therapeutic antibodies and biologics that harness the power of the immune system to deliver curative treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease. We leverage our target discovery and validation platform to uncover proprietary insights into novel immune modulating targets and pathways, to which we develop drug candidates designed to either enhance or subdue immune function for therapeutic effect. We are driven by the potential to positively impact human life with meaningful medicines, while always being guided by the biology and rigorous science.

The Apeximmune team encompasses expertise in immunology, cellular and molecular tumor biology, antibody generation, protein characterization and engineering, and the regulatory process.
Apeximmune Team
CEO and Founder
Director of Biology
Director of Hybridoma
Associate Director/
Sr.Principal Scientist
Board of Directors
CEO and Founder
CEO of Huahai investment
Scientific Advisory Board
William Rand Kenan Distinguished Professor of Genetics at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Frank Dixon Chair in Cancer Immunology Distinguished Professor in Immunology University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Pediatrics, and Genetics at Stanford University
Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine and Laboratory of Microenvironmental and Metabolic Health Science at the University of Tokyo